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Marshall Islands H.E. Ms Hilda HEINE, President

Speaker [00:00:13] Excellencies.

Speaker [00:00:15] Director general writer ladies and gentlemen. The centenary of the International Labour Organization gives us reason to celebrate 100 years. Of the Iolaus indispensable contribution advocating for labor standards human rights and peace. The achievement of equal opportunities of decent work is a key pillar of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and social justice must be achieved. I also of form the Iolaus declaration on the future of work in setting ambitious goals. Unemployment especially among youth is a major challenge in economies.

Speaker [00:01:04] Both developed and developing in all regions of the world. Looking back on a century of efforts. What will it take for us to have a robust labor market with decent work for all. Firstly I would like to join the voices of those leaders will reaffirm their commitment to the ILO and its mandate. We need the strongest possible ILO to surmount the challenges that lie ahead. Secondly this occasion is a moment to reflect deeply on what has worked best and where the ILO. The Member States and indeed all the tripartite actors as a whole could do better. I would like to add to the many excellent proposals that have been put forward by leaders that have spoken before me and to bring our Pacific perspective. We feel it is vital that the ILO and the international system consider closely the unique challenges faced by small islands developing states or better known as Big Ocean states boss like the Marshall Islands. Together we need to strengthen such Ireland tailored approaches which work within our small scale and narrow economy. The U.N. somewhat pathway for Small Island Developing States will be showcased at the key high level even this September and paired with a review outcome. Despite the mandate the international system is often hit or miss on designing and auctioning effective Small Island Developing States assistance. And this gap. Can hamper efforts at achieving effective job strategies. I am very pleased to announce to the ILO that the Marshall Islands has established a permanent mission at Geneva. We therefore hope to play a more active part in the ILO in Geneva going forward and we'll be pleased to follow up with our Pacific perspectives in our specific national case. Close to 50 percent of youth in the Marshall Islands are unemployed which is pushing an exodus of young talent out of our nation. ILO is assisted with the development of key policy tools including a national action plan which intends to boost youth employment and through national planning to support progress on the issue. Jeez we can never achieve these goals in one cycle and that's the achievement of decent jobs has been integrated into a comprehensive national strategic planning and is now cross sectoral approaches. Turning paper intentions into real employment requires political will and commitment to tackle core structural issues. It is important that the Marshall Islands work works to break the chain chains of aid dependency and transition into a thriving economy. Ensuring decent work will require new investment pathways to help transform our economy at scale. We also need safeguards and we are proud to have recently ratified they see 182 on the worst forms of child labor. As well as our earliest red ratifications on married maritime identity documents and maritime labor. As the world's largest to an airport we have also joined the rest of the Pacific Islands through the Regional Forum Fisheries Agency in ensuring that human rights standards will now be upheld in the international fisheries operations within our jurisdictions and region. But we also need the political will of this than fishing nations. We therefore welcome the Iolaus work at the regional level to support greater coordination between youth and entrepreneurship programs. The Marshall Islands and many other island nations as well as other vulnerable countries face severe climate risks and threats like other crimes cutting goals. Is the G8 should be a key component of climate action and can help to make a more resilient future for our young populations. We believe that the increasingly difficult environment environmental conditions we face at home are already a driver of the migration and youth employment concerns we face the chronic flooding. We grapple with due to sea level rise extreme weather and rising heat are a serious downward pressure on our economy. We welcome the I'll always work on heat stress and other weather dangers faced by workers due to climate change and encourage the expansion of this program. As chair of the Climate Vulnerable Forum I would like to especially underscore the need for more assistance to nations grappling with these challenges. The ILO guidelines on sustainable development. These in work and green jobs are equally a welcome development in our national commitments on climate change. We are aiming for carbon neutrality and have ambitious renewable energy targets as we progress forward with these targets. We need to ensure that jobs and families are present are preserved in the transition. Achieving a just transition has to therefore be a top priority for the ILO as the world advances with the urgent need to do more. To fight climate change and keep those vulnerable including workers around the world safe. The Marshall Islands is moreover. Proud to join Ireland as a goal lead for the upcoming unionist G climate summit and we will work to build a stronger bridge between political leaders and the loud voices of youth advocates.

Speaker [00:08:10] It is our youngest and future generations. We must be able to thrive in a resilient future and leaders must work tirelessly until there is a chief. Thank you and Commonwealth Barber.